If you want to sell our product to online ,ebay and amazon or any other market place , then you can register for a dropship account and take advantage of  rapid fulfilment service.

How does dropshipping work

Register a user account  & Contact us: info@pleasebuy.co.uk for dropshipping account.

Browse our website  pleasebuy.co.uk and chose products from our store.

Advertise it on your store or online or ebay and amazon or any other market place.

You set the price you sell the product for .So profit you make is the difference in our price( cost price ) + any other fees and yours  sale price.

When someone buys it, you purchase from our website by login your dropshipping account and put customer address  and clear the payment.

Then we pack and ship the order.

Also we provide support for listing your item on ebay or amazon, or if you want to build your own website.

Want more information about dropshipping or wholesale account ? email: info@pleasebuy.co.uk