40x AAA Genuine PANASONIC Zinc Carbon Batteries Battery 1.5V 11/2021 TRIPLE A


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Available in a pack of 10, these zinc carbon, 1.5 volt, AAA batteries by Panasonic are single-use, disposable batteries. Small and lightweight, they are ideal for powering a vast range of low-drain devices, such as radios and small, non-motorised toys that are designed to accept AAA batteries. Manufactured to provide a stable power output, you can rely on them to perform flawlessly.

designed to provided an economical power source for electrical devices , the RO3 Panasonic AAA Batteries are simple and reliable .

  • AAA
  • 10 in a Pack
  • 1.5V
  • Zinc Carbon

Great for toys , clocks , remote controls and more , the R03 panasonic AAA batteries just less power than alkalines , providing long battery life for low power devices .

4pack of AAA Panasonic Zinc Carbon Batteries

**25% EXTRA FREE – 40 for the price of 32**

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