1.5m Twin RED WHITE 2 RCA PHONO Audio LEFT RIGHT Cable Male to Male Lead GOLD


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RCA Twin Phono Cable 


This RCA Twin Phono cable is usually used to transfer left and right (usually red and white or black) 

audio between two pieces of audio equipment e.g TV to surround sound, Cd player to amplifier etc.

Gold connectors achieve better conductivity and provides a better signal with minimal loss of quality.

-Connects Stereo’s, Hi-Fi’s and other audio devices together

-Connections: 2 x RCA (male) – 2 x RCA (Male) GOLD

-2x RCA Phono Plugs 2 x RCA Phono Plugs

-Red & White Colour Coded for Left & Right Audio

-Gold Plated Connectors

If item received is faulty/damaged, please do contact us via eBay first so that we can resolve the issue straight away.

1 x  1.5M CABLE

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